*Purr* offers different kind of options, that you can use for your guild.
Some features include: Providing images from its own API, providing commands to interact with others (hugging, cuddling, kissing, etc.), welcome features to welcome your members on the guild and much more!


The best way to receive support is by joining the guild of *Purr*, where you can chat with others, test commands, role-play and some other random stuff!
You can also invite your friends. We promise, that we won't bite... much.

But there's also a wiki that provides you with additional info!


We have two separate APIs available which are used to provide (dynamically generated) images.


The PurrBotAPI is used to create dynamic images depending on the provided input. It currently provides endpoints for creating a Discord message (Quote) or a rounded avatar with a status-icon.
The requests are done through POST-methods.

You may find the source code here.


The ImageAPI was made as a counter-part to the popular API.
The main difference is, that it doesn't contain any images that can be seen as against Discord's Terms of Service and/or Community Guidelines.
If by any chance there are still inapropriate images shown, don't hesitate to report them to the Owner Andre_601.
The requests are done through GET-methods.

You may find the source code here.


The APIs have a documentation, which you can find here!

Terms of Service

By using the Bot *Purr* ("Bot" or "It") do you agree to the below Terms of Service ("Terms").

Storing of information

The Bot may store information including but not limited to the Guild's ID, channel IDs used for different actions or User IDs.
The stored data may be removed when the Bot is removed from the Guild.

For more information about what the Bot might store contact the Owner (Andre_601) on the Support Discord.

Provided Images

It is our goal to not provide images that could be seen as against Discord's ( Terms of Service and/or Community Guidelines.
We cannot guarantee that all images shown are compliant towards the mentioned terms and guidelines.
When finding a image seen as inapropriate, report it to Andre_601.

This terms may change at any given time without any notice!