*Purr* offers different kind of options, that you can use for your guild.
Some features include: Providing images from, providing commands to interact with others (hugging, cuddling, kissing, etc.), welcome features to welcome your members on the guild and much more!


The best way to receive support is by joining the guild of *Purr*, where you can chat with others, test commands, role-play and some other random stuff!
You can also invite your friends. We promise, that we won't bite... much.

But there's also a wiki that provides you with additional info!


There is a small, selfmade API that you can use for certain stuff. This API is mostly discord-focused and provides dinamicly generated images.


The API has a documentation with all available endpoints listed here!

We Open source

The entire API is open sourced under the MIT-license.
You can find the API on GitHub


To celebrate the reaching of 1.5 thousand Discord did we create a Minecraft Server for those who are interested into playing together!
The server is Survival focused and runs on Minecraft 1.14.4 (Older versions won't be supported. Sorry guys)

Click on the button below to copy the domain for the server.

Terms of Service

By using *Purr* (The "bot" or "it") you agree to the following terms of service (terms).
The bot may store any Discord guild (server) data and/or Discord user data needed for it to operate fully.
This includes but is not limited to: the guild id, any text channel ids, any user ids.
For more information on what guild and/or user data we store and use, please contact Andre_601 in the support Discord.

We reserve the right to change this terms without notice at any time.

MyPet Guide

The *Purr* Minecraft-Server has the plugin MyPet installed to enhance the default pets on the server.
This article lists all available commands, mobs you can use and other useful information.

MyPet mobs

This is a list of all mobs and their requirement to make them a MyPet.

Mob Requirement to tame
Cat Tamed
Donkey Tamed
Fox Low HP
Horse Tamed
Llama Tamed
Mule Tamed
Parrot Tamed
Wolf Tamed

How to get a MyPet

To turn a mob into a MyPet, you first have to make sure that the "Requirement to tame" is met.
For "Tamed" does it mean that the mob is tamed by you and for "Low HP" that it has 10% or less of its max HP left.

To now turn a mob into a MyPet, leftclick it with a lead in your main hand to turn it into a MyPet.
It should now have a Blue name above itself.

Available commands

There are different commands available that you can use to customize some things about your MyPet.
NOTE: Some commands may only be unlocked after your MyPet reaches a certain level (e.g. /pcst)

Command Syntax Description
/pc /pc Calls the pet to you.
/psa /psa Sends the pet away.
/pinfo /pinfo Shows informations about your pet.
/petname /petname [new name] Sets the name of your pet.
Colour and formatting codes are supported.
/petrelease /petrelease [pet name] Releases your pet.
It won't be a MyPet anymore after this command.
/petskill /petskill Shows the current level and skills of your pet.
/pcst /pcst Opens the available skilltrees to choose from.
This command is available after your pet reaches a certain level.
/pch /pch Activates/Deactivates the capture helper.
This only works when you didn't catch a MyPet before!
/pi /pi Opens the inventory of your pet.
Requires a selected skill with an inventory!
/pp /pp Toggles if your pet picks up items.
Requires an inventory with at leas 1 row (9 slots)

Additional information

Please refer to the MyPet wiki for any additional information.
Any bugs you encounter with this plugin should be reported to us imediatally! Not notifying us and maybe even abusing it may lead to a ban.