*Purr* offers different kind of options, that you can use for your guild.
Some features include: Providing images from, providing commands to interact with others (hugging, cuddling, kissing, etc.), welcome features to welcome your members on the guild and much more!


The best way to receive support is by joining the guild of *Purr*, where you can chat with others, test commands, role-play and some other random stuff!
You can also invite your friends. We promise, that we won't bite... much.

But there's also a wiki that provides you with additional info!


There is a small, selfmade API that you can use for certain stuff. This API is mostly discord-focused and provides dinamicly generated images.


The API has a documentation with all available endpoints listed here!

We Open source

The entire API is open sourced under the MIT-license.
You can find the API on GitHub